I like interpreting what I do as something intimate, vulnerable, spontaneous and ephemeral, giving the appearance of movement to the static pieces and translating abstract associations to the real things. I like observing the world and myself, noticing instantaneous things, such as a moment of transition, which can be significant and insignificant at the same time.


I graduated first in history of arts in Saint-Petersburg and then continued my formation in Madrid and Porto as a contemporary jewellery and fine ceramic artist.

During these years, I took part in several group exhibitions, among others:

- Producto fresco. Central de diseño de Matadero. Madrid. 2018

- Idea, procesos, objeto. La Palma Fine Arts School. Madrid.2018

- Materia Prima, joyería, escultura y cerámica. Espacio Abierto, Espacio de Arte. Madrid 2015.

- Semana del Diseño Emergente. The Museum of Garment. Madrid, 2015.

- Diálogos a3. The National Museum of Decorative Arts. Madrid, 2014.


In 2019 my work was included in “Colour and Textures in Jewellery” book by Nina Gilbey and Bekkie Ora Cheeseman.

In 2021 one of the Featured artists of CLUSTER London Residency Programme.

In case of emergency (or not). If you are interested in one of the pieces or want to see more - please contact me via email info.natalialavrenchuk@gmail.com or whatsapp/telegram +34 644614813

Some of the pieces and samples are available here.